Introduction to Valley School Annual Orientation Training

This abbreviated online Annual Orientation Training Course is for those Teachers and Staff who fully completed the October 14, 2019 on site Valley School Classroom Annual Orientation Training and Includes: –  Diversity and Multiculturalism, New Jersey Core Knowledge Areas and Competencies, New Jersey Child Care Information System (NJCCIS), Valley School  Operations, Policies and Procedures, Transition, Pick Up, Telephone Communications, Electronic Communications and Social Media. 

The combination of the October 14th Valley School Classroom Annual Orientation Training Course and this abbreviated online Annual Orientation Training Course fully meets and exceeds the content requirements for the complete online Valley School Annual Orientation Training Course.

Training Process

There are 10 training sections and 8 section quizzes in this abbreviated Annual Orientation Training Course.  Each Section is normally followed by a brief quiz.  A training Section may include a graphic and will have a Blue Button at the bottom which will take you to the appropriate training section in the Valley School Employee Handbook.  Read the Employee Handbook training section and then click the browser Back Arrow (upper left corner of browser) to return to Section training page.  Now that you have read the required material you should now click on the Complete and Continue Button on the bottom of the Section training page to continue to the Section Quiz or to go to the next training Section.  Continue this process until you complete the course.  If you only have time to complete a portion of the training course that is OK.  You can log out and Resume the course when your schedule permits.  The Annual Orientation Training course keeps track of those training Sections which you have completed.

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